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Tweet to my BowTie

BowTie is a wearable electronic device which is connected to the Internet. The device uses an iPhone application for messaging and control functions. It has four NeoPixels, which are wearable RGB LEDs, connected with conductive thread. It also has an OLED display which can display about 25 characters of text. The iPhone connects to the BowTie using BLE. The iOS application can send commands as well as dynamic text to the device. The system also supports scripting via a JSON interface. The video shows the device running a script that is downloaded from the Internet. The device also supports displaying tweets. The tweets can change the message on the BowTie as well as it's color.




  • Web based system management - JSP/Javascript/Java
  • iOS device controller - Objective-C
  • Arduino microcontroller sketch - Wiring
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