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iPad Kiosk

Guided access mode

Step 1: Enable “Guided Access” in your iOS settings

    Open “Settings”
    Go to “General” > “Accessibility”
    Tap on “Guided Access” (Scroll down the page a little, it’s under the “Learning” section)
    Flip the switch to “ON”
    Tap on “Set Passcode” (this will prevent users from leaving “Guided Access” mode)
    Enter a passcode

Step 2: Launch your App

Launch the app containing your sales and marketing content or presentation.

In this example I’ll be using the Boast application for collecting
 testimonials, but this works with ANY app you have installed on your iPad. 

Web :
<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">

Click on add to homepage - with this meta tag the homepage app will launch full screen

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