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Programming Microcontrollers


Overview of the course and materials

Introduction to programming microcontrollers is a class designed to teach high school students how to program Arduino based microcontrollers. Each lesson provides a powerpoint presentation which describes the key learning. The powerpoint also contains the basic circuit build instructions. Each lesson has advanced challenges, which are also described in the powerpoint file.

There is an “.ino” file, which contains the program that is used to test the circuit. This program is also the basis for the more advanced challenges. The basic circuit and test program can be done with very minimal effort. The additional projects and challenges are designed to test knowledge. Examples of physical circuits and basic electronics for each lesson.


The class requires the SparkFun Inventors Kit as well as the Arduino 1.0.6 IDE

Advanced projects will require additional servo motors and pan/tilt brackets. This is required for lesson 8. The plastic enclosure was replaced with an Aluminum box. The project also uses a mini breadboard to allow the student to attach LEDs to the pan/tilt bracket. Lesson 13 requires a standard single pole light switch.

The class doesn't require any programming experience nor any experience with electronics.


Basic projects - assuming no experience


Advanced projects - assuming the student has become confident with programming and electronics


Expert projects - assuming the student has mastered the basic elements

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